I used to write mostly about data science, but took a break to focus on my career and my family. I'm now making a concerted effort to write more and to cover more topics in doing so. I also used to write about the application of data science to sports. For the most part, I don't add timestamps to my writing and try to write non-time-sensitive posts; despite this, some of the posts below contain outdated information. I also do not collect analytics from my posts (other than what the server logs), in an effort to focus on writing about what *I* think is interesting.

I maintain a list of post ideas. These are ideas that I haven't yet fleshed out or even figured out if I believe them or not (after all, thinking is writing). If any of them look particularly interesting to you, feel free to let me know.


Data science and sports

Unfortunately, most of my sports data science posts and the spread, the site that I dedicated to the topic, have been lost to link rot. These days, I am merely a sporadic consumer of sports analytics content. If you're interested in my work on the New York Times Fourth Down Bot (also in retirement), you can read about it, fork the (non-maintained) source code or check out Ben Baldwin's 4th down bot.